Saturday, December 31, 2011

Special inspiration as we stand at the precipice of a brand new year...

For your consideration...:-)
Are you one of those people that believes you must always follow the rules everyone else is following? Do you go along with all of the societal norms? Have you ever felt you weren’t doing the right thing because other people were doing it differently? It is often the case that we feel we are meant to do certain things because that’s the way they have always been done. The world has a way of programming us and we may believe our job is to strictly adhere to all the guidelines and make certain we are doing things in a way that people expect. Well, it just may be time to throw some of those beliefs to the wayside and choose to find and follow your own truth.

Here’s a list of 39 things that are not necessarily in line with the norms of society, but they are by all means okay for us to do … as long as we are following our own truth. It’s not that we choose to do or see things differently merely to rebel against the system, but rather there is just something deep down inside us pointing us in a different direction.
39 things that are okay (in fact, they are more than okay and you just may want to do them all!)
it’s okay …
  1. to quit your 9-5 job and pursue your passion
  2. to change your mind
  3. to refuse to worry about tomorrow
  4. to be out of your comfort zone
  5. to be an idealist 
  6. to go against conventional wisdom and do your own thing
  7. to have hope when things seem hopeless
  8. to quit doing something that drains your positive energy
  9. to tell people exactly what you want
  10. to believe that you have amazing potential 
  11. to treat yourself from time to time to indulgences
  12. to expect that you will be successful and get good results
  13. to take the day off to relax and recharge 
  14. to be scared and still choose to go after your dream
  15. to celebrate your accomplishments
  16. to only look at things from a positive perspective
  17. to dream
  18. to be wrong and learn
  19. to stop doing things and just be silent
  20. to reinvent yourself
  21. to avoid people that are negative
  22. to not prove that you are right
  23. to admit your weaknesses
  24. to follow your heart
  25. to realize that there are things you need to improve about yourself
  26. to lean on other people for support
  27. to go through a tough time
  28. to do things that other people don’t understand
  29. to question everything
  30. to make mistakes
  31. to not understand
  32. to march to your own beat
  33. to want more for yourself
  34. to lose
  35. to need help
  36. to start over
  37. to be bold and take chances
  38. to have to search for the answers
  39. to take baby steps
~ Sibyl Chavis

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