Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hump-Day Nuggets!

Happy Hump Day! Enjoy! :-) 


Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance. Look at the flowers – for no reason. It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are.
                        ~ Osho


That is how authentic power is created—intention by intention, and choice by choice. You cannot wish it, pray it or meditate it.
                        ~ Gary Zukav


Disappointment, hurt, and sadness come from the expectations we put on people, events, and situations. Instead of loving others simply to love them and doing things simply because you want to, so many do and love for what we hope to get back in return. When you begin to live from the pureness of LOVE and give from your soul, you will come to find that nobody and no situation can make you feel a certain way. Plant both feet firmly in the ground and keep your heart and spirit centered and you will find that joy, love, peace, and happiness will always be a steady, unshakable force in your life.
                        ~ SHARIng Sunshine and Love


If there were ever a time to dare, to make a difference, to embark on something worth doing, it is now. Not for any grand cause, necessarily, but for something that tugs at your heart, something that's your aspiration, something that's your dream. You owe it to yourself to make your days here count. Have fun. Dig deep. Stretch. Dream big.
                        ~ Unknown


I have every reason in the world to be happy. I have one to a thousand reasons to feel good. Today, I count my blessings. I let the sun shine inside my heart and I see in its light the dazzling beauty that's within me. I see my strength, I see my compassion, I see my love, and I see my joy. I choose to feel connected, I choose to feel alive in this moment and I choose to feel good, happy, and whole. My life is good and I am blessed.
                        ~ Frankie Perez


It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all.
                        ~ J.K. Rowling


Gratitude in action

Gratitude is more than saying thank you. The real power of gratitude comes from making meaningful and valuable use of those things for which you are thankful.

It’s nice to be appreciative. It’s even better to put that appreciation into action by being creative and productive.

Life is overwhelmingly abundant. The way to enjoy and benefit from that abundance is by putting it to purposeful use.

In this place, in this moment, you are a vital steward of life’s great abundance. You have the opportunity, and the responsibility, of transforming that abundance into unique value.

Whatever may be going on in your world, be truly thankful for it. And then put that gratitude into action by making a positive difference.

Life’s goodness is not meant to be hidden away and hoarded. Life’s goodness is best used for making even more.
                                          ~ Ralph Marston


No Going Back
Every Step Is Forward

Sometimes during our spiritual growth we can feel as if we are going backwards, rest assured you are not. 

There are times when we feel that we are spinning our wheels in the mud in terms of our spiritual progress. This can be especially true following a period of major growth in which we feel as if we've gained a lot of ground. In fact, this is the way growth goes ~ periods of intense forward movement give way to periods of what seems like stagnation. In those moments when we feel discouraged, it's helpful to remember that we don't ever really go backward. It may be that we are at a standstill because there is a new obstacle in our paths, or a new layer to get through, but the hard work we have done cannot be undone.  

Every step on the path is meaningful, and even one that seems to take us backward is a forward step in the sense that it is what we must do to move to the next level. In addition, an intense growth spurt requires that we rest for a time in order to fully integrate the new energies that have been liberated by our hard work. When we feel we are not making progress, we can encourage ourselves to take a moment to rest. We can meditate more, feed ourselves well, and get extra sleep. Before we know it, we will be spurred on to work toward the next level of our development, and this rest will make sense then as something we needed in order to continue.  

Once the sun rises, it doesn't go backward but instead follows its path in one direction. It may appear to stand still for a moment in time, or to move more slowly at some point or another, but really it is steadily moving forward on its path. We are the same way, and once we have moved through something we can never really go back. We may be resting or revisiting issues that seem old, and it's natural to feel stuck, but in truth we are always taking the next important step forward on our path.
                                                ~ Daily Om


Notes from the Universe

Of course, anger can always be justified. 

But then, so can forgiveness. 

Just depends on how much more you want from the adventure. 

    The Universe

What if today was your day? The most amazing day of your life, so far? A day that would change everything for the better? What's already good would become great. What's already great would become amazing. And what's already amazing would become the stuff of legends.

And all you had to do to take advantage of the good and wonderful things about to happen for you, was treat folks with a true and eager kindness, think mostly of those things that please you, and go out in the world, just a bit, where you could meet, and mingle, and fall in love?

How much would you be clucking right now? Thumbs under your armpits, getting funky? Bobbing your head?

Start clucking baby! Beam, gush, preen! You got it...
    The Universe


Honor them, love them, help them, heal them, but above all else, free them.

Everyone, of course -
    The Universe


Your entire life is a work of art. And as is true of all masterpieces, everything has meaning and is important, which includes your me-time, shopping, day dreaming, dessert selections, idle chats, and walkabouts.

One day people will study you,
    The Universe


'The Teachings of Abraham' by Esther and Jerry Hicks 
As you diminish contrast, you diminish your ability to decide, and as you diminish your ability to decide, you diminish your ability to focus, and as you diminish your ability to focus, you do away with your reason for existing.


The better you feel, emotionally, the more you are allowing your alignment with Source. The worse you feel, the more you are resisting Source. When no resistance is being offered by you, your natural state of alignment resumes—and so does the alignment between your cells and their Source.

The more good-feeling thoughts you focus upon, the more you allow the cells of your body to thrive. You will notice a marked improvement in clarity, agility, stamina, and vigor, for you are literally breathing your way to Well-Being, until chronic feelings of appreciation, love, eagerness, and joy will confirm that you have released all resistance and are now allowing Well-Being.


Recipe for Joy

1 - Seek joy first and foremost. 2 - Seek reasons to laugh. 3 - Seek reasons to offer words of praise to self and others. 4 - Seek beauty in nature, beasts and other humans. 5 -Seek reasons to love in every segment of every day. 6 - Look for something that brings forth within you a feeling of love. 7 - Seek that which uplifts you. 8 - Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts another. 9 - Seek a feeling of well-being. 10 - Know that your value can only be measured in terms of joy.

And Number 11: Acknowledge your absolute freedom to do any of these things or not do any of these things, for it is without exception your choice in every moment of every day.


One Minute Motivator by Edward W. Smith

Show interest.  No one ever gets in trouble by showing too much interest, too much enthusiasm, etc, for the things they are involved it.  People like you to show interest in what they are interested in, so if you want them to be interested in you, you have to be interested in what they are interested in.


Just because you feel fear, doesn't mean you can't do the thing you are afraid of.  Fear has certain benefits in that it alerts you to possible problems, so it is a good check for things that can go wrong.  Once you are aware of the possible problems, fear has done its job and you should move on, either through the thing you are afraid of, or take another route.  The key thing is to move.  Feel the fear and move; which way, is up to you.


"It is waste to walk anywhere to preach, unless you preach everywhere you walk".  Make you actions fit your talk.  Talk the talk and walk the walk, be consistent in the things you say and do. You will fool no one but yourself if you aren't consistent in your talk and actions.


Grow through an experience, rather than just go through the experience.  Everything that you are exposed to, good or bad, is an experience.  And experience can be a great teacher.  Some of the worst people or events you are exposed to can be good learning experiences for you.  Don't shut off learning, just because you are not happy, or even if you are very happy.  Learn from everything, both the good and the bad. 

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