Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday nuggets

No Wrong Response
Experiences Shape Your Reactions
There is no such thing as a right or wrong response to any given situation as we all come to it with our own experience.
Our view of the universe is largely determined by our experiences. It is when we are caught off guard by the spontaneity of existence that we are most apt to respond authentically, even when our feelings do not correspond with those of the multitude. Events that arouse strong emotions with us or are surprising in nature can be disquieting, for it often is in their aftermath that we discover how profoundly our histories have shaped us. The differences that divide us from our peers are highlighted in our reactions when these diverge from the mainstream, and this can be highly upsetting because it forces us to confront the uniqueness of our lives.  

When our response to unexpected news or startling ideas is not the same as that of the people around us, we may feel driven by a desire to dismiss our feelings as irrational or incorrect. But reactions themselves are neither right, nor wrong. The forces that sculpted the patterns that to a large extent dictate our development are not the same forces that shaped the development of our relatives, friends, colleagues, or neighbors. There is no reason to believe that one person's reaction to a particular event is somehow more valid than another's. How we respond to the constant changes taking place in the world around us is a product of our history, a testament to our individuality, and a part of the healing process that allows us to address key elements of our past in a context we can grasp in the present.    

Life's pivotal events can provide you with a way to define yourself as a unique and matchless being, but you must put aside the judgments that might otherwise prevent you from gaining insight into your distinct mode of interpreting the world. Try to internalize your feelings without categorizing or evaluating them. When you feel unsure of the legitimacy of your reactions, remember that cultural, sociological, spiritual, and familial differences can cause two people to interpret a single event in widely dissimilar ways. Examining your responses outside of the context provided by others can show you that your emotional complexity is something to be valued, for it has made you who you are today.
                        ~ Daily Om


You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.
                        ~ The Buddha


Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host.
But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
~ Maya Angelou 

Better to get angry and express it in a healthy way, than hold on to resentment and let it suck your soul dry.

Is there anything you've been unauthentic about in your communications with people? Tell them the truth and fuhree your mind.

For you've got mountains to climb, seas to sail, and adventures to have! Ain't nothing gonna hold YOU back.
                        ~ Tia Singh 


"One of the saddest losses that has come from disbelief in the invisible world is the loss of Angels." 
~ John Odonohue " 

Receiving is Yoga in itself. For one thing we need to recognize that we're being given a gift ~ whether it's a birthday present, a compliment, a teaching, a helpful piece of feedback, a genuine service, a loving gesture, or a blessing from the invisible realms.
                        ~ Sally Kempton


Hocus Focus:

What you think about you attract and become. Fill your mind with peace, joy, love and strength, and your life will reflect this back to you!
                        ~ Karen Salmansohn


A Note from the Universe

Some think life is not so much a place to seek personal happiness and fulfillment, but rather a place to learn lessons and pay dues. 

And so it is for them. 

    The Universe


Whatever you are giving your attention to already has a vibration of its own, and as you give your attention to it, you include its vibration in your vibration...and then your point of attraction is affected.
                        ~ 'The Teachings of Abraham' by Esther and Jerry Hicks


Say something nice to someone today.  Tell them they are good, tell them they can do what they are trying to do and tell them they deserve to be successful.  Find some specific things about them that illustrate why they will be successful and point them out to that person.  You will both be happier and more productive, as a result of it.
                        ~ Edward W. Smith


Daily Teaching from The Power

When you are feeling enthusiastic, happy, and cheerful, those good feelings affect everyone you come into contact with. Even if you connect with a person just briefly in a store, on a bus, or in an elevator, when your good feelings make a difference to any person you connect with, the affect of that one instance on your life is almost incomprehensible.

                        "Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple                with no logical end."
                                                ~ Scott Adams (b. 1957)

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