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Pride Weekend Nuggets!!! :-D

TGIF! Have a glorious weekend! :-) 


The greatest act of courage is to be and to own all of who you are—without apology, without excuses, without masks to cover the truth of who you are.
                        ~ Debbie Ford


 The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose.
                        ~ Kahlil Gibran


Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.
                       ~ David W. Augsburger


Life is a field of infinite possibilities and an opportunity to evolve in the direction of truthfulness, beauty and harmony.
                        ~ Deepak Chopra


A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image.
                        ~ Joan Didion


Problems are the gifts that make us dig out and figure out who we are, what we're made for, and what we're responsible to give back to life.
                        ~ Tony Robbins


Daily Om

Leaving a Relationship
The Direction of Happiness

Leaving a long-term relationship is hard but a necessary step to receiving what you want in your life.

One of the hardest decisions we ever make in life is leaving a long-term relationship that just isn‚t working. When attempts at repairing and working out issues aren't working, it may be time to examine moving on. We are emotional creatures, and when our heartstrings are tied to those of another, separating from that person can feel like an act of courage. It is not something most of us will take lightly, and many of us will struggle with our desire to stay in a relationship that is unfulfilling simply in order to avoid that pain. We may question whether the happiness we seek even exists, and we may wonder if we might be wiser to simply settle where we are, making the best of what we have.  

On the one hand, we almost relish the idea that true happiness is not out there so that we can avoid the pain of change. On the other hand, we feel within ourselves a yearning to fulfill our desire for relationships that are vital and healing. Ultimately, most of us will follow this call, because deep within ourselves we know that we deserve to be happy. We all deserve to be happy, no matter where we find ourselves in this moment, and we are all justified in moving, like plants toward the light, in the direction that leads to our greatest fulfillment. First, though, we may need to summon the courage to move on from the relationship that appears to be holding us back.  

Taking the first steps will be hard, but the happiness we find when we have freed ourselves from a situation that is draining our energy will outshine any hardship we undergo to get there. Keeping our eyes trained on the horizon, we begin the work of disentangling ourselves from the relationship that no longer fits. Every step brings us closer to a relationship that will work, and the freedom we need to find the happiness we deserve. 

Saying Yes to the Universe
Making the Decision 

Saying Yes to the universe opens the gate to receiving what your soul really wants.

The hardest thing about saying yes to the universe is that it means accepting everything life puts in front of us. Most of us have a habit of going through our days saying no to the things we don't like and yes to the things we do, and yet, everything we encounter is our life. We may be afraid that if we say yes to the things we don't like, we will be stuck with them forever, but really, it is only through acknowledging the existence of what's not working for us that we can begin the process of change. So saying yes doesn't mean indiscriminately accepting things that don't work for us. It means conversing with the universe, and starting the conversation with a very powerful word: yes.

When we say yes to the universe, we enter into a state of trust that whatever our situation is, we can work with it. We express confidence in ourselves, and the universe, and we also express a willingness to learn from whatever comes our way, rather than running and hiding when we don't like what we see. The question we might ask ourselves is what it will take for us to get to the point of saying yes. For some of us, it takes coming up against something we can't ignore, escape, or deny, and so we are left no choice but to say yes. For others, it just seems a natural progression of events that leads us to making the decision to say yes to life.

The first step to saying yes is realizing that in the end it is so much easier than the alternative. Once we understand this, we can begin examining the moments when we resist what is happening, and experiment with occasionally saying yes instead. It might be scary at first, and even painful at times, but if we continue to say yes to every moment through the process, we will discover the joy of being in  a positive conversation with a force much bigger than ourselves. 


Notes from the Universe

It's not the steps that matter, but the path. 

All is well,
    The Universe


The best way to forgive, is not to blame. 

Lovin' you, 
    The Universe


Always, the strong carry the weak, the rich carry the poor, the healthy carry the sick, and the happy carry the sad. 

And whether or not they remember it, this was once their promise, to thank those who carried them. 

I'm totally goose bumped, 
    The Universe


Do you know what I'd really, really like?

For you to know that I think about you every moment of every day. 

    The Universe


Rainbows and butterflies, cattails and dandelions, waterfalls and rain forests, puppy dogs and dragonflies, sea foam and orcas, sunshine and comets, snowflakes and icicles, wildflowers and You... 

Did I think of everything, or what?  

Crazy, sexy, cool, 
    The Universe


No one can see into your heart.

Which is why you sometimes have to show them how you feel. 

Happy Valentine's Day, 8 months early -
    The Universe


Are you practicing your "Whooohooooo!"?

Are you practicing as if it were to be heard by millions upon millions? 

I think you might consider it,
    The Universe


The Teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Do you have to think specific positive thoughts about your body in order for your body to be the way you want it to be? No. But you have to not think the specific negative thoughts. If you could never again think about your body and, instead, just think pleasant thoughts — your body would reclaim its place of Well-being. 


Relative to our children or any children with whom we would interact, our one dominant intention would be to give them a conscious understanding of how powerful and important and valuable and perfect they are. Every word that would come out of our mouths would be a word that would be offered with the desire to help this individual know that they are powerful. It would be a word of empowerment. We would set the Tone for upliftment and understand that everything will gravitate to that Tone if we would maintain it consistently. 


When you take the problems of the world on your shoulders, your body doesn't feel good. It's just that simple. Leave the problems of the world to the individual problem-makers of the world, and you be the joy-seeker that you are.


Hypothetically, people worry about everyone being selfishly oriented. "If everyone did exactly what they want to do, what kind of world would this be?" And we say, a really, really good one. Because if everyone did what they wanted to do, everyone would feel free. And if you feel free, you feel empowered. And every negative emotion that exists—hear this—every negative emotion that exists is because there is some sense of loss of freedom somewhere in there. 


You don't have to protect yourself from anything! In fact, an attitude of protection will surely bring you to the vibration of the thing from which you're protecting yourself. Because you can't look at something and say, "Oh no, I'm saying a prayer to protect myself from you," without achieving vibrational harmony with "you", whatever you are. 


One Minute Motivator by Edward W. Smith

What do you have to do right now to get your life moving? In order to get on course, you have to be moving.  Chances are that certain parts of your life are stalled and things aren't moving for you. Identify those parts that are stalled and start them moving again, so you can get back on track. If you leave them stalled, you will go nowhere and this is not where you want to be.  Take some action, see where it gets you, correct your course and get moving in the direction you want, but most importantly, get moving.


Remember to take care of your body, it has to be there, for you to make it to the top. Take care of the basics like losing weight, stopping smoking, driving safely, etc. You know what has to be done, the key thing is doing it.  It isn't easy, but it has to be done, it is part of the requirements of success.  If your body can't deliver the level of performance the rest of you is capable of, you are robbing yourself of your shot at success.


Make a decision right now and implement it starting right now.  Once you make a decision and start moving, things fall into place for you.  Indecision clogs your life up and slows you down.  Making decisions and moving on streamlines your life.  Stop waiting until you have that last piece of information, or for things to be perfect; if you are in the ball park of what you need, go for it.  Give some thought to what decisions you have to make today and get ready to make them.  Look at what information you have, what the latest conditions are, etc, and then make some decisions and watch you life move on.


Daily Teaching from The Power

"The power for happiness, for good, for everything we need of life is within each one of us. The power is there - unlimited power."
                        ~ Robert Collier (1885-1950)
                        New Thought Author

Everything has a frequency - everything! Every word has a frequency, every sound, every color, every tree, animal, plant, mineral, every material object. Every type of food and liquid has a frequency. Every place, city, and country has a frequency. The elements of air, fire, earth, and water all have frequencies. Health, disease, plenty of money, a lack of money, success and failure all have frequencies. Every event, situation, and circumstance has a frequency. Even your name has a frequency. But the real name of your frequency is what you are feeling! And whatever you're feeling is bringing everything into your life that's on a similar frequency to you.

When you are feeling happy, and you keep feeling happy, then only happy people, circumstances, and events can come into your life. If you feel stressed, and you keep feeling stressed, then only more stress can come into your life through people, circumstances and events. You have seen this happen when you've been rushing because you're running late. Rushing is a negative feeling, and as surely as the sun shines, when you rush and feel the fear of being late, you bring every delay and obstacle into your path. It's the law of attraction working in your life. 

Do you see how important it is that you feel good before you begin your day? If you don't take the time to feel good, then you can't receive good things in your day. And once negative things come, it takes far more effort to change them, because once they're in front of you, you really believe in them! It is much easier to take the time to feel good so that they don't come in the first place. You can change anything in your life by changing the way you feel, but isn't it a better idea to have more good things come to you in the first place?

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