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There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally.
                        ~ Don Miguel Ruiz


The belief that happiness has to be deserved has led to centuries of pain, guilt and deception. You do not deserve happiness; you choose happiness.
                        ~ Robert Holden


Look deeper into the actions you take and the truths you take for granted. Ask why and then ask why again."
                        ~ Walter Mosley


Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.
                        ~ Albert Einstein


‎Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come for miles to watch you burn!
                        ~ John Wesley


What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life." “Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough”. 
                        ~ Oprah Winfrey


Courage, like fear, is a habit. The more you do it, the more you do it, and this habit—of stepping up, of taking action—more than anything else, will move you in a different direction.
                        ~ Tony Robbins


A life well lived

Pleasure is nice, but it is never enough. Material wealth can be immensely helpful, but brings no fulfillment of its own accord.

Power can give great satisfaction to your ego. Yet a life lived solely in the service of ego ends up being small and pathetic.

What truly makes life good is the commitment you put into making life good. What makes life good is the experience of making a difference.

There is much that’s already been given to you by virtue of your existence, and there is much more that may or may not be given to you. What matters at the core of your spirit, though, is not what you have but what you do with it.

No person, situation, event or possession can give you fulfillment. What brings about real fulfillment is your participation in bringing it about.

Life’s rewards are not what you long for. What you long for is to genuinely earn your own significance.

Every moment is an opportunity to do so. Treasure each of those opportunities, make full use of them, and you will have the priceless experience of a life well lived.
                        ~ Ralph Marston


Remaining Loving When All Our Triggers Go Off

The entire universe revolves around relationships. From the interactions between atoms to the ones between planetary orbs, everything around us is connected. Energies and organisms that relate to each other surround us every day. Links are made between nations and between individual hearts.

By increasing our awareness of the interdependent relationships we all share in the world, we learn how to best honor them. It is an approach to living that supports harmonious co-existence between all species everywhere, equally.

What is the quality of our connections with others? And how do we choose to act within those relationships?

Most of us will reply that we wish to act lovingly and peacefully in our relationships with others. It is easy to act loving and peaceful when nothing is challenging us. But how good are we at loving when all our buttons are getting pushed and our feathers ruffled?

How deep does our love and peace really go? It is authentic? Or is it just a superficial display of how we think we are supposed to act? Is it consistent? Or does it evaporate the minute we’re being confronted with our own weaknesses or those of others?

Most of the battles we’ll face in our lives are already occurring within us. Our exchanges with others only activate them. How will we act when this happens - when the outside world triggers our own internal fears, and doubts, and insecurities? This is when our behavior counts the most, and when it is hardest to act in ways that engage love and peace.

Our interactions with others could either increase the quality of our lives, or kill us! How does the flower of our consciousness blossom within relationships that feel like concrete?

Perhaps the best way to test how deeply absorbed we are spiritually is to test how loving and peaceful we can remain while faced with conflicts and tensions within relationships. Fearless, loving movement through the most challenging parts of our relationships with others is the secret formula for navigating through the tensions in our relationships gracefully. Where there is love and light, fear and doubt dissipate. 

Love is not mere sentimentality that can often obscure the way we see ourselves, and others. Instead, love is deeply illuminating, like realized knowledge. True love is not fleeting. It holds us in its continual absorption. It connects us to what is true.

The question is this: What are we choosing to connect with?

We want to connect with what makes us feel good, and we want to escape experiences that make us uncomfortable. On a very primal level, all human beings are programmed to seek out pleasure and recoil from pain. Death, or impermanence makes human beings most uncomfortable.

Endings in life can be most unpleasant: the ending of our youth, the ending of a marriage, the ending of a friendship, the ending of something we derived great pleasure from, and the ending of the life of a loved one, or our own life. Every time we are forced to face the ending of something. We are also forced to face the parts of us that are clinging onto it.

We are asked to look at our human tendency to identify with what’s impermanent, and examine how our investment in it cripples our own progress. This happens to all of us most powerfully within our relationships with others. Sometimes the end of a relationship can feel like the end of our very life. And when it’s taken from us, we feel as if our shelter from life’s storms has been pulled out from over us.

There are two passages through which we can move through and beyond our clinginess to the impermanent: one of darkness and one of light.

The path of light is dynamic and represents growth, evolution and progress. Darkness represents stagnation and returns us to relive the same experiences over and over again. This becomes most obvious to us in relationships, when we see ourselves stuck in repetitive patterns with others. How to break out of this cycle can be bewildering. We become bewildered when faced with all kinds of imminent deaths before us. This is human nature.

There is light and there is darkness. Which force will you choose to align your actions with?

Relationships are therefore one of the main fields in our lives that test our dedication to our spiritual practice. If we can exercise love, even when feeling bewildered before imminent, unavoidable deaths, in the midst of discord and tension, within the relationships that matter most to us in life, then we can connect with the peace that our spiritual practice brings us anywhere!
                        ~ Catherine Ghosh and Braja Sorensen 


Do you remember in the Star Wars movies the great wisdom that came through the little character, Yoda? 

One of his wisdom teachings has stayed with me a long time. I want to offer it to you today. 

Luke is asking the wise one, "How do I know the right decision to make? Among all the many decisions, how do I know the one that will be with the Force?" 

Yoda looks at him and he says, "You will know through peace and calm. You will know you're on the right track when you're not feeling frantic, when you're not feeling anxious, when you're not struggling with different parts of yourself. When you get to the right answer and the right decision that is yours, there will be a peace and calm that will come within you and radiate from you." 

So, as we make decisions, follow insights, hunches and gut feelings, may we look for that peace and calm that is the confirmation that we are following our IGS - Inner Guidance System. And if we miss a turn, we can always know that IGS will continue to ask us to turn around and proceed down the road that will get us to our destination.

We can trust and know that peace and calm is our compass and our comfort.

Inner Guidance never causes harm to the self or to others. The process of listening to your Inner Guidance is simply about remembering to relax and wait for inspiration.

Watch this movie as many times as you need to achieve Inner Guidance and Peace.

All you ever need do is ask, be quiet and the answer will be provided. When it is a divine answer, it is always easier than you initially perceived.

Divine Ideas never conflict. Divine Ideas align. Pray, ask, seek alignment: P-E-A-C-E
                        ~ Mary Robinson Reynolds 


Daily Om

Undistracted Energy
Pure Thoughts

The longer we are able to hold a positive thought, the stronger that energy around us becomes.
If we make no effort at all, our thoughts usually scatter in a vast array of directions. They start and stop and move in surprising ways from one second to the next. If we try to follow our thoughts without controlling them, we will be amazed at how truly inconsistent they are. Yet, if we apply our minds to a specific task, especially one that interests us, they gather together and allow us to focus our attention, creating great power and energy. This is what is known as pure thought, because it is undistracted.  

The law of attraction ~ like attracts like ~ influences all energy, including our thoughts, and this is what makes pure thought so potent. Our undistracted thoughts create a powerful magnet that draws similar energy into our vibrational field. As a result, the longer we are able to hold positive thoughts in our minds, the more powerful the positive energy around us becomes. We don�t need to focus on action and controlling so much when we are surrounded by energy that draws what we want toward us. We can simply respond to the opportunities that naturally come our way. When this is the essence of our experience, we can go with the flow, knowing that we will be okay.

If pure thought is a body, it is our emotions that supply the heart that can really bring it to life. Our thoughts and feelings exist in relation to one another, and they form a feedback loop through which they communicate and empower each other. When we hold a thought in our mind without being distracted, we have achieved pure thought. When we have a positive emotional response to that thought, we enable it to dance and move and breathe itself into existence.


The Power Within
Energy 101

Energy cannot be destroyed, but it be changed and transformed.
There is an undercurrent of energy thrumming through the Universe. Like the wind or a whisper, we can sometimes hear it and often feel it. Most of the time, we sense this energy unconsciously without any tangible proof it is really there. Thoughts, emotions, and the life force in all living things are forms of this kind of energy. So are creativity, growth, and change. The impressions, images, and vague premonitions we get about people and situations are other examples of formless energy. When you enter a space and feel an intangible tension in the air that gives you a sense of foreboding in your gut, what you are likely experiencing is energy.  

Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed or transferred from one person, thing, or source to another. Though energy is formless, it does take form and shape in the way it flows and resides within all things:  a grain of sand, a bird, a stone, and an ocean wave. Living things radiate complex vibrations while nonliving things' vibrations are simpler. Energy is a magnifier that can attract like energies while repelling disparate ones. Many of our reactions to people and circumstances are based on unconscious reactions to their energies. We may even intuitively tune into the energy of a situation we are facing when making a decision about how to proceed. With careful practice and meditation, we can learn to sense the energy within other living things and ourselves. We can also become more attuned to how we are impacted by different kinds of energy. For instance, being around too many energies can leave one person feeling edgy or excited, while another person will feel tired and drained.  

While some people feel that energy can be controlled, others see it is as the unknowable force that moves through all things. The combined energy in all things plays a hand in birth, death, growth, movement, and stillness. Practitioners of Aikido believe that all living beings share a common energy source that is our life force. Whatever your beliefs, it is worthwhile to explore the roles energy plays in your life so you can understand it more fully.


Notes from the Universe

Remember, you will always have friends, guides, and love, but no one is coming to "save you."

That's the adventure package you signed up for.

The one that comes with all the superpowers, guaranteed rebounding abilities, and the all-powerful scrunched-nose-when-you-smile. 

Your 5 Star Time-Space Adventure Tour Agency Manager,
    The Universe


Very often, when tides start turning, great gears start shifting, and gusting winds start blowing at the onset of a really wonderful dream's alignment with your present life, there is commotion, unpredictability, even turmoil. 

So, hey, let's always assume that's the case whenever you experience commotion, unpredictability, even turmoil. K? 

    The Universe


Some of the coolest dreams that ever came true weren't dreams at all, but standards that simply weren't compromised. 

Oh yeah, we takin' over... 
    The Universe


Actually, if you understood the extraordinary gifts every single challenge in your life makes possible, even inevitable, you'd celebrate your challenges, new and old alike, as the omens that they are of new beginnings, spectacular change, and enhanced superpowers. 

Perfect for where you are, huh? 
    The Universe


As good as you've been, as on as you were, as high as you got, and as easy as it was, things will still be better.

Payback, baby -  
    The Universe


'The Teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks'

It is not attention to lack of wellness that makes you sick. It is attention to the lack of many things… Chronic attention to unwanted things holds you in a place of disallowing your physical well-being, as well as disallowing the solutions to other things you are focused upon. If you would focus your attention upon the experience of physical well-being as much as you focus upon the absence of it, not only would your recovery come quickly, but maintaining your physical well-being and balance would also be easy.


The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting. The more joyful you are, the more Well-being flows to you — and you get to choose the details of how it flows.


It is so wonderful, when someone gets an idea and is able to hold it purely enough that an entire movement or corporation will follow in behind it, because the movement of that Energy benefits everyone.


You live in a pulsating, vibrating Universe of advanced harmonics. Everything that exists, in your air, in your dirt, in your water, and in your bodies, is vibration in motion—and all of it is managed by the powerful Law of Attraction. There is nothing that exists outside of this vibrational nature, and as you learn to accept your vibrational nature, and begin to consciously utilize your emotional vibrational indicators, you will gain conscious control of your personal creations and of the outcomes of your life experience.


Parents can't choose the mates of their children or the behavior of their children. You actually can't choose anything for your children without disempowering them.


One Minute Motivator by Edward W. Smith 
Find something to be happy now for.  Don't wait till "if" or "when" something happens, until you will be happy.  Whatever you are waiting for is probably a ways off. Enjoy where you are now; enjoy the process you are going through, enjoy the moment.  If you wait till conditions are just right to be happy, you are limiting your enjoyment of life.  What you are waiting for may never come, but now is here in this moment.


Take more chances in your life.  They don't have to be big risks, but you need to learn to take more chances if you want a different outcome in your life.  Not everything will work out, but the fact that you are taking risks, even if small ones, will add excitement to your life and give you some payoffs in terms of getting what you want.


Don't limit yourself in any area.  Usually we are our own worst enemy, as far as holding ourselves back.  We are constantly telling ourselves we can't do his or that and we limit what we attempt, and this in turn limits what we get.  Examine what your limits are, and who put those limits on you.  Take small steps to expand your limits and your self-confidence will grow and you will get many payoffs, as a result of doing things you didn't think you could do.


Make mistakes.  You learn from mistakes, you build confidence that you can fix things that go wrong and you learn to take more chances.  Don't hold yourself back in an attempt to be perfect, take chances with the knowledge that you can usually fix things and get payoffs from things that you didn't think would work.


You have knowledge and experience, you don't give yourself credit for. Taping into this knowledge and experience can help you solve problems you have been struggling with. Learn to trust your judgment and you will build your self-confidence as well as make better decisions. All this will come from using something you already had inside you.


Daily Teaching from The Power

You Really Are as Old as You Feel

Ancient texts say that people once lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. Some lives for eight hundred years, some lived for five or six hundred years, but longevity was commonplace. So what's happened? People changed what they believed. Instead of believing in living for hundreds and hundreds of years, people changed their beliefs over generations, and they came to believe in a reduced life expectancy.

We have inherited those beliefs of a reduced life expectancy. From the time we are born, the belief of how long we can live has been sewn into the fabric of our minds and our hearts. And from there we literally program our bodies from an early age to live for a certain amount of time, and our bodies age according to how we program them.

"The is nothing in biology yet found that indicates the inevitability of death. This suggests to me that it is not at all inevitable and that it is only a matter of time before biologists discover what it is that is causing us the trouble."
                        ~ Richard Feynman (1918-1988)
                        Nobel Prize-Winning Quantum Physicist

If you possibly can, don't put a ceiling on how long you can live. All it will take is one person to break the limits of life expectancy, and that person will change the course of life expectancy for all humanity. One person after another will follow, because when one person lives far beyond the current life expectancy, other people will believe and feel they can do it too, and they will!

When you believe and feel that aging and deterioration are inevitable, then they will happen. Your cells, your organs and your body receive your beliefs and feelings. Feel  young and stop feeling your age. Feeling your age is just a belief you've been given and a program you've given to your body. You can change the command you're giving whenever you want, by changing what you believe!

How do you change your beliefs? By giving love! Negative beliefs, such as beliefs of limitation, aging, or disease, do not come from love. When you give love, when you feel good, love melts away any negativity, including negative beliefs that harm you.
"The love that gushes for all is the real elixir of life - the fountain of bodily longevity. It is the lack of this that always produces the feeling of age."
                        ~ Josiah Gilbert Holland (1819-1881)

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